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Alfalfa, Clover & Forage Grass Seed


Cisco Seeds Forage Guide

Call to verify if a seed is stocked. Seed not stocked can be special ordered.

Cisco 328.png

Cisco 328 Alfalfa Seed

Large crowns, excellent disease package

Alsike Clover.png

Alsike Clover

Used for forage

White Dutch Clover.png

White Dutch Clover Seed

Small leaves, low growing

Enduro 423 alfalfa.jpg

Enduro 423 Alfalfa Seed

Branch rooted, sunken crown

Bearcat Red Clover.png

Bearcat Red Clover Seed

3 year clover

Ladino Clover.png

Ladino White Clover Seed

Provides nitrogen and protein to pastures

Enduro 429LH.png

Enduro 429LH Alfalfa Seed

Medium Red Clovere.png

Medium Red Clover Seed

Great for green manure, plow down, cover crop

Advantage Ladino Clover.png

Advantage Ladino White Clover

Great for pastures or wildlife plots

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