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Alfalfa, Clover & Forage Grass Seed
*Pricing Subject to Change*


Cisco Seeds Forage Guide

Call to verify if a seed is stocked. Seed not stocked can be special ordered.

Cisco 328.png

Cisco 328 Alfalfa Seed

Large crowns, excellent disease package

1lb $4.40

50lb $193.00

Alsike Clover.png

Alsike Clover

Used for forage

1lb $4.00

50lb $175.00

White Dutch Clover.png

White Dutch Clover Seed

Small leaves, low growing

1lb $8.50

50lb $400.00

Enduro 423 alfalfa.jpg

Enduro 423 Alfalfa Seed

Branch rooted, sunken crown

1lb $6.44

50lb $297.50

Bearcat Red Clover.png

Bearcat Red Clover Seed

3 year clover

1lb $5.15

50lb $232.50

Ladino Clover.png

Ladino White Clover Seed

Provides nitrogen and protein to pastures

1lb $7.35

50lb $342.50

Enduro 429LH.png

Enduro 429LH Alfalfa Seed

Potato leaf hopper resistance

1lb $5.90

50lb $270.00

Medium Red Clovere.png

Medium Red Clover Seed

Great for green manure, plow down, cover crop

1lb $4.85

50lb $217.50

Advantage Ladino Clover.png

Advantage Ladino White Clover

Great for pastures or wildlife plots

1lb $6.80

50lb $315.00

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