Bird Feed and Supplies

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Bulk Bird Seed

Black oil sunflower
Striped sunflower
Sunflower chips 
Raw in-shell peanuts
Peanut pieces
Red and white millet
Cracked corn
Canadian peas 

Mixed Bird Seed

Wild Bird Mix
Ingredients: Cracked corn, milo, red and white millet, striped sunflower
Available in 5, 25 and 50 pound bags
Premier Bird Mix
Ingredients: Milo, red and white millet, oil sunflower, peanut hearts
Available in 5, 25 and 50 pound bags
Backyard Blend
Oil and striped sunflower, safflower, red and white millet and peanuts
Available in 5 and 40 pound bags 
Classic Wild Bird 
Ingredients: Oil and striped sunflower, white and red millet, select chips, peanut splits 
No Mess Mix
Ingredients: Sunflower chips, peanuts, de-hullet millet
Available in 5 and 25 pound bags 
Critter Snack
Whole corn, black oil and striped sunflower, peanuts, peanuts in shell
Available in 5 and 25 pound bags
Pigeon and Dove Mix (with and without corn) available in 50 pound bags

Domestic Bird Seed

Cockateil Mix available in 25 pound bags
Parrot Mix available in 25 pound bags
Parakeet Mix available in 25 pound bags


Mixed seed feeders
Sunflower seed feeders
Thistle feeders
Platform feeders
Hummingbird feeders
Bird feeder hangers 
Suet and cake holders
Suet plugs and holders
Bird bath heaters
Wild bird bells
Woodpecker snack
Metal feed storage cans 

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