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Forage Grass Seed


Cisco Seeds Forage Guide

Call to verify if a seed is stocked. Seed not stocked can be special ordered.

Tekapo Orchard grass.png

Tekapo Orchard Grass Seed

Can be grazed near to ground level

K31 Tall Fescue.png

KY-31 Tall Fescue Seed

Most often used for erosion control

Power Tetraploid Rye.png

Power Tetraploid Perennial Rye Seed

Produces large amounts of high energy forage

Climax Timothy.png

Climax Timothy Seed

Best used for hay, baleage, haylage

Profit Orchard grass.png

Profit Orchard Grass Seed

Late maturing, primarily for forage production

Waterway Mix.png

Waterway Seed Mix

Most often used for erosion control, high traffic areas

Balin Bluegrass.png

Balin Forage Bluegrass Seed

Quick establishment, early maturing

Bronson Tall Fescue.png

Bronson Tall Fescue Seed

Low endophyte, soft leaves

Feast II Italian Rye.png

Feast II Italian Rye Seed

High quality forage throughout summer

Annual Ryegrass.png

Annual Ryegrass Seed

Prevents erosion and improves soil structure