Grass Seed and Supplies

Please call to verify that specific products are in stock.

Midwestern Wildlife Zone Deer Seed

Wildlife Habitat Mix
Deer Blind Tall Screen Mix

Venison Veggies Sugar Beet Mix


Wheat straw from local farmers for ground cover or decoration.

Lawn Seed

We stock 3 types of lawns seed:

Sunny Mix (bluegrass mix)

Fescue Rye Mix (fescue mix)

Shady Lawn

Pasture Seed

We stock several kinds of pasture seed mixes:

Paddock Renovator
Midwestern Grazer
Champion Pasture Mix
Horse Hay Mix

Forage Grasses

Climax Timothy

Presto Timothy 

Tekapo Orchardgrass

Harvester Orchardgrass

Bronson Tall Fescue

K31 Tall Fescue

Feast II Annual Ryegrass

Lin Perennial Ryegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass

Annual Rygrass

Clover Seed

We stock the following clover seeds:

Starfire Red

Medium Red



Jumbo Ladino

White Dutch

Alfalfa Seed

We stock the following alfalfa seed:

Enduro Elite
Enduro 427

Cisco 328


We stock the following fertilizer:


Endure Crabgrass Control 19-0-3
Endure Weed & Feed 20-0-3

Endure with Grub/Insect Control 18-0-3
Endure Winterizer 
Endure Starter Fertilizer 10-20-8

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