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Hay & Pasture Mixed Seed
*Pricing Subject to Change*

Forage Guide

Cisco Seeds Forage Guide

Call to verify if seed is stocked. Seed not stocked can be special ordered.

Pasture Renovator Seed

Pasture Perfect Renovator

Specially formulated to renovate pastures.

1lb $3.70

50lb $160.00

Horse Pasture Seed

Pasture Perfect Champion Pasture

Good for close grazing habits of horses.

1lb $4.40

50lb $195.00

Horse Hay Seed

Enduro Plus Horse Hay Mix

Mix of alfalfa, orchard grass, rye grass, timothy

1lb $5.25

50lb $237.50

Grazing Pasture Seed

Pasture Perfect Midwestern Grazer

Forage for making milk or putting weight on growing livestock.

1lb $4.40

50lb $193.00

Horse Hay Seed

Enduro Plus Sheep & Goat Pasture

Excellent grass/ legume mix

25lb $110.00

50lb $210.50

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