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Hay & Pasture Mixed Seed
*Pricing Subject to Change*


Cisco Seeds Forage Guide

Call to verify if seed is stocked. Seed not stocked can be special ordered.

Pasture Perfect Renovator.png

Pasture Perfect Renovator

Specially formulated to renovate pastures.

1lb $3.66

50lb $160.00

Pasture Perfect Champion Pasture.png

Pasture Perfect Champion Pasture

Good for close grazing habits of horses.

1lb $4.34

50lb $190.00

Enduro Plus Horse hay.png

Enduro Plus Horse Hay Mix

Mix of alfalfa, orchard grass, rye grass, timothy

1lb $5.15

50lb $225.00

Pasture Perfect Midwestern Grazer.png

Pasture Perfect Midwestern Grazer

Forage for making milk or putting weight on growing livestock.

1lb $4.40

50lb $193.00

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