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Deer Plot Seed


Cisco Seeds Forage Guide

Call to verify if a seed is stocked. Seed not stocked can be special ordered.

MWZ Wildlife Habitat.png

Wildlife Habitat Seed Mix

Perennial mix provides cover for deer for several years

Purple top turnip.png

Purple Top Turnip Seed

Easy to grow, short season brassica 

Advantage Ladino Clover.png

Advantage Ladino Clover

High protein with large succulent leaves.

MWZ Deer Blind.png

Deer Blind Seed Mix

Annual screen mix capable of growing 10-14' tall


Frozen Forage Seed Mix

Annual brassica mix

Oasis Chickory.png

Oasis Chickory Seed

High yielding broad leaf perennial


Midwestern Tine-N-Turkey Mix

Perennial grazing mix

Bonar Rape.png

Bonar Forage Rape

Late season forage for wildlife

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